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Planning a will and trust in South Jordan is essential when you want to avoid having your will go through probate, which is the judicial process of estate division through the courts. While probate processes are common legal practice, these can be time-consuming, expensive, and contentious.

Fortunately, a trust plan eliminates the need for this.

What You Can Expect

Our estate planning services eliminate uncertainties and offer clients peace of mind. We provide the best tools that promote effective management of your estate, especially when you can’t do it on your own.

We also protect your property by placing them in special Trusts. Doing so gives you control over who benefits from the property without dealing with liabilities.

Trust our estate advisors to ensure your assets and properties are distributed accordingly after you pass away.

Experts You Can Trust

With over 20 years of experience in the asset protection business, we have built a solid reputation as a firm that helps clients effectively manage their estate through planning programs. We cater to a large clientele base: landlords, multiple property owners, professionals with high liability exposures, and individuals with middle to high net worth. Even though we are not attorneys, we introduce and work with licensed attorneys in creating our clients' Estate plans.

Clients from different industries benefit greatly from our Premier Irrevocable Life Estate Trust, which is affordable, timely, and very effective. Assets within our clients' trusts are safe from their personal and business liabilities.

Here at MDF Estate Planning, Inc., we believe that estate planning in South Jordan isn’t just about what’s yours — it’s all about how you protect what you own for you and your inheritors’ sakes.

Plan your legacies accordingly with the help of an expert. Call us at (801) 563-9780 to learn more about our services.

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What is unique about what we do?

We specialize in placing people’s property out of harms way in special Trusts. This keeps them in control of who uses and enjoys the property without being liable for the property’s liability and not having the property liable for theirs.