What We Can Do

Who do we serve? Our clientele are people wishing to avoid liability issues!

a. Small business owners with vast liabilty exposures.
b. Parents with minor children who drive.
c. Professionals who are targets due to higher than normal net worth, i.e. Doctors, Business owners, Ranchers, Mulitple Property Owners (Landlords).
d. Truckers.
e. People who want to limit the liability from their assets and to their assets.
f. People who want to control the timing and manner of assets going to their heirs.

How do we do it?
Through a one-on-one consultation, we customize a program just for you.

What is unique about what we do?
We specialize in placing people’s property out of harms way in special Trusts. This keeps them in control of who uses and enjoys the property without being liable for the property’s liability and not having the property liable for theirs.

We ask the question, “If you were sued, for any reason and lost, what could a Judge force you to sell to satisfy the judgement?”

Simply by the way property is owned makes a huge difference in its vulnerability and vice-versa.

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